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Mountain Lift Taxi Voucher Program Guidelines (.pdf version)


The Mountain Lift Taxi Voucher Program is a taxi voucher subsidy program for our Mountain Lift clients. The purpose of this program is to provide a transportation alternative that is within the control of the client, is flexible and relatively affordable. This program is not intended to serve all people or all trips but give clients another option for their trips. Wheelchair users and those needing special assistance may need to access a different program and can contact the NAIPTA office for more information.

Program Eligibility

Mountain Lift clients are eligible to participate in the Mountain Lift Taxi Voucher program six months after Mountain Lift Eligibility starts.

Voucher Quantity and Value
Participants may purchase up to:

  • Fifteen $10.00 vouchers per month at a cost of $2.00 per voucher.
  • Ten $15.00 vouchers per month at a cost of $3.00 per voucher.
  • Any combination of $10.00 and $15 vouchers not to exceed $150.00 in value or $30.00 in client payment per month.

Where and How to get Vouchers

  1. Participants whose last name begins with the letters A-K may call to order their vouchers on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the 1st - 15th of the month.
  2. Participants whose last name begins with the letters L-Z may call to order their vouchers on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the 16th – 31st of the month.

How to Use
Show the taxi driver your Mountain Lift ID card and give the driver one voucher. If the trip goes over the $10.00 or $15.00 voucher amount you are responsible to pay the difference. You will probably want to offer a tip, usually 15% which you pay in cash.

Each voucher may be used for one trip (origin to destination). Every time you request a stop, you must present the driver with a new voucher.


Preprinted Vouchers
Participants must sign their name on the vouchers at the time of use. Each voucher is preprinted with the client name, client address, expiration date and the dollar amount of $10.00 or $15.00. Clients and taxi providers need to check the expiration date before using or accepting the voucher. Expired vouchers will not be honored by NAIPTA. Participants and taxi companies/drivers must not alter vouchers in any way with the exception of the participants and taxi companies/drivers filling in the information in the blank spaces provided on the vouchers.
Drivers will fill in the total fare amount. Any alterations invalidate the vouchers. Drivers and taxi companies will not be reimbursed for altered vouchers. Participants who alter vouchers may be denied future participation in the Mountain Lift Taxi Voucher program.

Dialysis Trips
An exception to the full packet policy is made for participants who are receiving dialysis treatments. Upon request, NAIPTA will provide eighteen $10 vouchers per month per participant to a dialysis center.

Trip Scheduling
Mountain Lift Taxi Voucher participants are responsible for arranging their own taxi trips. Vouchers can be used with any of the participating taxi companies. A list is provided with the first set of mailed vouchers and is updated as taxi companies choose to participate or as information changes. If a client loses this list, they can contact NAIPTA staff and request a new list.

To arrange a trip with participating taxi companies, participants select a taxi company from the list for each one-way trip. Participants then call the taxi company to make their reservation giving the reservations operator as much detail as possible, e.g., physical assistance, special physical accommodations, wheelchair or walker transport, guide dog transport. Drivers do not have special training. If a higher level of service is required, participants should call the NAIPTA office for more information.

Most taxi operators can give the passenger an estimate of the cost of the fare.

Participants should not arrange for several taxi companies to pick up the same trip. Calling several taxi companies, making multiple reservations, and using the first taxi that arrives could result in taxi companies refusing to provide service. Taxi companies are not under contract; participation is voluntary and subject to change.

NAIPTA will not pay for “no-show” fees and program participants are held accountable for their own “no-shows”. Participants should inform the taxi provider of any cancellations or schedule changes. Taxi providers may choose not to provide service to people with histories of no-shows.

Participants are required to either begin or end their one-way taxi rides in Flagstaff. Interim stops are not permitted in this program nor will NAIPTA pay for taxi “wait” charges. Wait time is when the passenger asks the driver to wait or when the driver begins the meter prior to the participant being in the taxi.

NAIPTA will pay for only one trip as described on the voucher; no other stops may be served with the same voucher. Participants should not give the driver any additional vouchers. Participants are to call 928-679-8927 to report any driver requesting or demanding more than one voucher per each one-way ride.

Taxi Providers
Participants have a right to expect prompt service from the taxi provider and should request an estimated arrival time. If a taxi provider fails to pick up program participants, participants must work directly with the taxi provider to resolve the issue, or they may want to call a different company.

Gratuity or Business Fee
NAIPTA does not pay a gratuity to the taxi company in addition to the full value of the voucher. The full amount of the voucher ($10 or $15) is paid to the taxi company regardless of the actual fare. Any amount above the actual fare, but below the amount of the voucher, should be considered a gratuity or business fee paid to the taxi company for doing business with the voucher program. It is the participants’ decision whether or not to tip the taxi driver.

Voucher Exchanges/Returns
NAIPTA will not accept voucher exchanges or returns. There will be no refunds. If vouchers are not used during the 30-day time period, they expire and should be destroyed. Drivers and taxi companies will not be reimbursed for expired vouchers.

Participant Responsibility
Participation of Mountain Lift clients and taxi companies in the Mountain Lift Taxi Voucher program is voluntary. It is not the responsibility of NAIPTA to mediate between the Mountain Lift Taxi Voucher Passenger and the taxi companies.

Participant Code of Ethics
Mountain Lift Taxi Voucher participants shall behave courteously and respectfully at all times. Abusive language, profanity (either in language or gestures), disorderly conduct, or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Users exhibiting inappropriate behavior may lose the right to participate in the Mountain Lift Taxi Voucher program.

Program Misuse
Misuse of the NAIPTA voucher by a client may result in that client receiving a letter from NAIPTA staff reminding them of the importance of complying with these guidelines. Once a client has received three reminder letters, the next letter will be a warning letter informing the client the next occurrence will result in their being denied the opportunity to order vouchers.

Participants or taxi companies who engage in program violations such as, but not limited to, altering vouchers, using expired vouchers, accepting or giving more than one voucher, refusal to pay participant’s share of the fare, using someone else’s vouchers, or giving or selling or trading vouchers may lose the right to participate in the Mountain Lift Taxi Voucher program.

NAIPTA retains the right to modify the Mountain Lift Taxi Voucher program at any time due to budget and / or other constraints.

Taxi Companies that accept vouchers:
*All companies listed offer 24 hour service*

  • A Friendly Taxi 774-4444
  • Apex Taxi 779-0000
  • Better Taxi 522-3232
  • Gypsy Taxi 600-6000
  • Hurry Taxi 525-3333
  • Sun Taxi 779-1111
  • Williams Taxi 928- 635-1111

Call 928-679-8911 to place a taxi voucher order, or call Randall Biles, Mountain Lift Operations Manager at Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (NAIPTA)
928-679-8927 to request additional information.

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